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The Benefits of Weight Training

Weight Training burns more calories than cardio, boosts metabolism, strengthens bones, muscles, and organs, and makes your heart stronger. It also combats the effects of aging, improves neurological function and brain power, and makes you less vulnerable to emergencies.

Weight Training is a great way to burn calories. In fact, it can burn more calories than cardio, especially if you focus on compound exercises that work your major body parts. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, presses, and lunges can help you burn through calories like you wouldn’t believe.

Weight Training can also boost your metabolism. This is because it produces an after-burn effect, where you keep burning calories even after your workout. After a weight training session, your muscles need to repair and replenish themselves, which requires a lot of calories. Additionally, when you increase your lean muscle mass through weight training, your metabolic rate naturally increases because muscle requires more calories than fat to sustain itself.

Weight Training can also help strengthen your bones. It's actually the best way to ward off osteoporosis. A full-body workout will strengthen all your joints and increase overall bone density.

Weight Training can make you stronger too. A stronger body can help you perform your daily activities with less stress. Your erector spine and lumbar muscles can take the load off your spine, and you'll have a reserve of strength to cope with emergencies like changing a tire or carrying groceries.

Weight Training can also make your heart stronger. Studies have shown that exercising with weights can get your blood pumping through your heart more efficiently. It can even help unclog arteries that are being constricted by cholesterol.

Finally, Weight Training can combat the effects of aging. Many elderly people are being referred to the gym and put on a weight training program because studies have proven its effectiveness. Weight training can improve cardiovascular efficiency, strengthen bones, muscles, and organs, and even improve neurological function and brain power.



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