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How You Can Stay On Track This New Year

Another year, another resolution.

It’s that time of year when many people make fitness resolutions. The gyms are busy, and the classes book up quickly. In the beginning, you may find the first few weeks easy. You feel energized like you could definitely make this part of your routine.

But then there comes a point in January where the desire has worn off and the motivation has dropped. People have started to refer to January 17th as Quitter’s Day, because statistically, that is when most resolutions fizzle out.

So, here are our tips to help you stay on track and keep your resolutions alive this year!


Don’t make your resolutions unattainable to you. Keep it simple and sustainable. If you have not worked out in a while, you would not say you are going to work out every single day. You build up to it. Maybe start working out twice a week and get into a groove. If you are realistic with yourself, it will make keeping your resolution easier.


More often than not, if you put something off long enough it will never get done. This is the same with working out. I suggest planning your workouts for the week ahead, and then actually going through with it. Put in your diary or calendar, and tell people you are going to work out. Making that plan will help you to hold yourself accountable.


Don’t keep your resolutions to yourself. If you tell someone about your resolution, it can make it more realistic. It can help you be responsible and lean on them for support. You never know if they could share the same resolution and come and workout together and keep each other motivated.


Keeping track of your progress is a helpful way to keep you motivated. Don’t be afraid to celebrate the small milestones; like reaching a new sprint speed on the treadmill or even trying a new class. These small-term goals within your resolution will help you to see how far you have come, and help you stay on track.


Some days, I get it, you don’t feel up to it. Life can throw anything at you. Don’t be discouraged by this and don’t let the little things in life hinder you. Don’t obsess over the occasional slip-up, that will not help. Accept it and do your best every day.


Statistically, they say it takes 22 days to make something a new habit and 6 months to make something within your personality, so keep at it: have faith, be persistent and resilient. It will come.


Written by Bethany.

Live in Harmony Co-Creator, In-house Registered Behavioural Technician, Certified Personal Trainer.


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