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The Hunger Scale

As the world is so connected it is hard to put the devices away and be present in the moment. Unfortunately, meal times are also a victim of this phenomenon. If we are not focused on our food we can often overeat and feel sluggish - which in effect contributes to weight gain.

Removing technology and being present in the moment or practising mindful eating can not only help us get in tune with our hunger and fullness cues but it has also been found to increase our overall level of food satisfaction because we are eating foods that are enjoyable and nourishing to us.

Below is the hunger scale, stating how an individual feels at each stage.

You should aim to always be between 3 and 7 on the hunger scale throughout the day. Hitting. a 3 or 4 before eating your meal and by the end of your meal hitting a 7.

We understand it can be difficult to slow down at meal times and learn to listen to our bodies. Especially, when we have been so used to rushing from one task or event to another, leaving a few minutes to grab something, put it in our mouth, and keep pushing forward. Show yourself some kindness and patience and allow yourself to enjoy your food.


Written by Bethany.

Live in Harmony Co-Creator, In-house Registered Behavioural Technician & Certified Personal Trainer.


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